Hannah Dodd covers the Rollacoaster Winter 2022/23 Issue

New photoshoot for our girl! Hannah is one of the cover girls of Rollacoaster Magazine’s Winter 2022/23 Issue! She was photographed by Rhys Framptom. You can check the photoshoot pictures in our gallery and excerpts from the interview bellow:


“In 10 years time, I really hope I’m still doing this and still enjoy doing this. I want to get over my imposter syndrome and prove to myself that I deserve to be here. I think that’s the main goal: being here but a more confident version.”

“I feel like my career has happened really slowly. There’s no ladder to this industry, you can’t climb the ranks with promotions like normal jobs. But I think I have been climbing up one in terms of my own experience. I’ve taken one step at a time, which in retrospect was so nice because it meant I could cope with the changes. I have massive empathy for people who get thrust into the spotlight, it’s not something I have ever experienced and I don’t think I could cope with that. I think my career is still happening quite slowly, but I think that’s actually good because, at every step of the way, I can asses, ‘Okay, what do you need to learn now?’”