Hannah Dodd covers the Rollacoaster Winter 2022/23 Issue

New photoshoot for our girl! Hannah is one of the cover girls of Rollacoaster Magazine’s Winter 2022/23 Issue! She was photographed by Rhys Framptom. You can check the photoshoot pictures in our gallery and excerpts from the interview bellow:


“In 10 years time, I really hope I’m still doing this and still enjoy doing this. I want to get over my imposter syndrome and prove to myself that I deserve to be here. I think that’s the main goal: being here but a more confident version.”

“I feel like my career has happened really slowly. There’s no ladder to this industry, you can’t climb the ranks with promotions like normal jobs. But I think I have been climbing up one in terms of my own experience. I’ve taken one step at a time, which in retrospect was so nice because it meant I could cope with the changes. I have massive empathy for people who get thrust into the spotlight, it’s not something I have ever experienced and I don’t think I could cope with that. I think my career is still happening quite slowly, but I think that’s actually good because, at every step of the way, I can asses, ‘Okay, what do you need to learn now?’”
Hannah Dodd covers The Italian Rêve Magazine

Hannah is featured in the newest edition of The Italian Rêve Magazine, an idependent online amagzine. Photographed by Johnny Carrano, she looks amazing in all the photos in the article. Hannah gave as well an incredible interview where she talks about playing Francesca Bridgerton in the upcoming “Bridgerton” seasons, her preparations for the role, as well about Enola Holmes, dance, and much more. You can check all the photos from the photoshoot in our gallery and the interview and a behind the scenes video bellow:


A resilient woman, a versatile talent, an industrious actress: Hannah Dodd has the spotlight pointed at her in this very cinematographic season.

Just to name a few: she’s entering the illustrious Bridgerton family in the upcoming third season of the show as Francesca, the quietest and most introverted sibling in the chaos of the most beloved household of our times; she stars alongside Henry Cavill and Millie Bobbie Brown in the second chapter of “Enola Holmes” as Lady Cicily, a proud representative of the 19th-century British womanhood under so many aspects; she dips in the 90s playing young Sophie Whitehouse in “Anatomy of a Scandal”, “sticking it out” despite her challenging tasks in the show.

We spoke with Hannah about the most demanding and the most exciting elements of her performances, with an eye on the historical and psychological impact of both the characters and the real-life narratives, and what movies keep teaching her about society and herself: how she’d react to certain situations, how she’d face them and what kind of person she really is. And all starts off with one key question she asks about the role to be played: “who is she?”. But also, “who am I?”

Who is Hannah? With the discipline and devotion that characterizes the professional dancers whom she deeply admires, Hannah can be anything she wants. And she does. She wants it all, and she can have it.

Q: What’s your first cinema memory?

Hannah: Oh my God, I think it was when my parents took me to see “Toy Story”. But my earliest cinema memory is actually a very fun one: do you know the movie “Ice Age”? It was my 8th birthday party, I think, and we got the front row, and we laid all of our sweets out and all of my friends and me who were watching the film got moved on afterward. That’s probably my earliest cinema memory. I wish it was more romantic but no! [laughs]

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