VIDEO: Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 Trailer

With only 10 days left until Bridgerton S3 Part 2 releases, Netflix has released a new official trailer where we can see tiny bits of Hannah as Francesca! Two new promotional stills of Francesca and John have also been released. You can check the stills and the trailer bellow:


Bridgerton S3 Press Interviews – Part 2

Here’s a second post of more interviews that Hannah Dodd gave during the Bridgerton S3 press tour:

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Hannah Dodd covers the Summer Digital Edition of Elle Nederland

Hannah Dodd is on the digital cover of the summer edition of Elle Nederland! In the interview, Hannah talks about her role in Bridgerton, as well how she felt accepting the part, her hobbies and more. You can check the photoshoot in our gallery and the interview bellow. PS: Since the interview is in dutch and I don’t speak it, I had to translate it on google translate. So, I’m sorry if there are any errors!


When it is announced in May 2022 that Hannah Dodd would take over the role of Francesca Bridgerton from Ruby Stokes, she shared the news on Instagram with the caption: ‘Terrified. I’m going to do my best, I promise.’ Almost two years later, she seems to have made the role completely her own and she plays the piano as easily and moves as effortlessly in Regency dresses as she skips carefree through the lawn of Parc Broekhuizen during the shoot.

Do you still find it as scary as it was two years ago?
‘I remember being so nervous when I got the part. But as soon as I walked onto the set, I noticed that everyone was very warm and welcomed me. You keep that nervousness a bit, but that helps too. It keeps you on your toes. We shot the scene where you see Francesca for the first time in season 3 on the second day. The whole family looks for her while she quietly plays the piano in Bridgerton House, and Johnny (Jonathan Bailey, ed) had to fight back from laughing when he heard me play and at the same time had to say how good it sounded. The ice was broken immediately.’

So you’re not a piano virtuoso like Francesca?
“Not even a little. I did take piano lessons, but I only learned the pieces, rather than actually learning to read and play music. My piano teacher didn’t understand how I played without looking at the music, but it’s kind of like dancing with your fingers. I expected to remember those dances as a fun party trick, but as soon as we finished the scene I forgot about the piece again.’

You are a trained dancer. Are we going to see you in your element on screen?
‘Bridgerton wouldn’t be Bridgerton without a big ball or two. We discussed whether Francesca is a good dancer or not. I see her as a very diligent student, someone who works hard to be good. Whether that’s dancing or playing the piano, or when she enters the marriage market and has to find a husband.’

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Bridgerton Promenade Season 3 Event

Hannah attended today alongside her co-stars Jonathan Bailey and Jessica Madsen the Bridgerton Promenade Season 3 Event in New York City. You can check the photos in our gallery:


VIDEO: ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Interviews

With only 6 days until the release of the first part of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3, numerous of interviews of Hannah and her castmates have been released! You can check all of them, so far, bellow:

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Hannah Dodd talks about Bridgerton S3 with People Magazine

The first interview for the Bridgerton Season 3 press tour is here! Hannah Dodd, alongside Claudia Jessie and Jessica Madsen talk with People Magazine en Español about their characters in the show’s new season. Check it out:


New Bridgerton Stills!

New promotional stills from the third season of ‘Bridgerton’ have been released earlier today, including tons of our Hannah as Francesca Bridgerton! You can check all of them in our gallery:



New Bridgerton Still + Trailer

The first trailer for the third season of ‘Bridgerton’ is finally here! We now have our first glimpse of Hannah as Francesca Bridgerton. To celebrate it, Netflix also shared new stills from the season, including one of Frannie. You can check it in our gallery and can watch the trailer bellow:


VIDEO: Bridgerton Season 3 First Look

Netflix released today the first look into Bridgerton’s season 3! In the video we can see our first sneak peek at Hannah Dodd as Francesca Bridgerton. You can check the video bellow and screencaptures in our gallery:


GALLERY: BAFTA Rising Star Party + New Bridgerton Still

Hello, long time no see! Our gallery has been updated with photos of Hannah Dodd attending the BAFTA Rising Star Party and the MEJURI Dinner in London on January 31st as well the new promotional still of her as Francesca Bridgerton in Bridgerton. Check them all in our gallery:



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